Captain's Log: Stardate 10150.3
Even though Ensign Pincus was sick, Lieutenant Stark has transport malfunctions and Ensign Brick took alternative orders from his wife (now to be known as Andy's Admiral), the Enterprise set out onto Race 7 with a limited crew. After a unprovoked attack by the crew of USS Frolic while still in spacedock, we had an excellent start and held the lead throughout the entire race. Tacking was fast and spinnaker work was beyond expectations (except for an upside down pole and a wet takedown.) All in all, a glorious evening and I am proud of the superior effort by the crew.

As Khan once said, "Revenge is a dish that is best served cold. It is very cold in space," yours truly took revenge on Captain Ohstrom's war game attack by pouring ice water down the back of his uniform while Ensign Weinstock kept him distracted.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10148.2
Our first officer, Captain Richard Schillay, has requested the Enterprise for a short "pleasure cruise" on the weekend of the Women Skippers Race. Therefore, our mission is cancelled. I am deeply concerned, however, for the safety of the Enterprise, the rock formation known as "Big Tom," and the marine life in Eastchester Bay as history may repeat itself. Starfleet Insurance Adjustors will be on alert.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10147.1
Last night, the Enterprise had great position, a ready crew, and two fantastic starts. Unfortunately it counted for nothing as all races were abandoned. Ensign Heald is still having trouble getting clearance from her superior to join us on our Around Long Island mission. I suggest we organize a boarding party, armed heavily, with phasers set to kill. We'll take her by force if we have to.

Also of note, it appears the the crew of USS Frolic carries around their own sets of line and practice knots. A mostly female crew, into tying knots. . . Kinky. There must be more to Captain Ohstrom than meets the eye.

Lieutenant Weinstock has asked for permission to transfer to USS Frolic for next Wednesday's race. Permission will be granted based on turnout of Enterprise crew.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10146.6
The Enterprise is now officially entered in the 2001 Around Long Island Regatta.

The following crew have confirmed:
Captain Edd M. Schillay
Captain Richard J. Schillay (First Officer)
Captain Joe Deich (Navigation)
Captain Ernie Bivona (on loan from USS Eagle)
Lt. Commander Dave Beaver
Lieutenant Jory Stark
Ensign Andy Brick
Ensign Jonathan Pincus
Ensign Brad Nassau

The following crew are awaiting clearance from Starfleet Command (her boss):
Ensign Laura Heald

I expect all to go extremely well as the crew is "top notch."

Captain's Log: Supplemental
I did want to note in the log USS Frolic's Captain Jeff Ohstrom's successful battle against the Evil Hairy Horta. I had hoped the Enterprise could somehow come to Frolic's aid, but due to poltical reasons and the Horta's past history with Starfleet, I could not. I will note, however, that should the Evil Hairy Horta continue his unprovoked attacks on Frolic, or any other vessel in the fleet, the Enterprise will strike back, and strike back with full force.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10146.3
The Enterprise, now with a full crew, is all set for EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series Race 06. Our spinnaker work has improved significantly and Ensign Brick is hard at work on his tacking ability. Ensign Heald is turning into a valued member of our crew, as well as Ensigns Nassau and vonRoeschlaub. With good starts, this team can lead us into victory.

Also of note, the Enterprise will be officially entered in the 2001 Around Long Island Regatta and hopefully the City Island Yacht Club Women Skipper's Race.