Captain's Log: Stardate 10146.6
The Enterprise is now officially entered in the 2001 Around Long Island Regatta.

The following crew have confirmed:
Captain Edd M. Schillay
Captain Richard J. Schillay (First Officer)
Captain Joe Deich (Navigation)
Captain Ernie Bivona (on loan from USS Eagle)
Lt. Commander Dave Beaver
Lieutenant Jory Stark
Ensign Andy Brick
Ensign Jonathan Pincus
Ensign Brad Nassau

The following crew are awaiting clearance from Starfleet Command (her boss):
Ensign Laura Heald

I expect all to go extremely well as the crew is "top notch."

Captain's Log: Supplemental
I did want to note in the log USS Frolic's Captain Jeff Ohstrom's successful battle against the Evil Hairy Horta. I had hoped the Enterprise could somehow come to Frolic's aid, but due to poltical reasons and the Horta's past history with Starfleet, I could not. I will note, however, that should the Evil Hairy Horta continue his unprovoked attacks on Frolic, or any other vessel in the fleet, the Enterprise will strike back, and strike back with full force.