Captain's Log: Stardate 10157.5
The Enterprise has returned home from our voyage Around Long Island. I'm proud to announce that we were second in our division around Montauk Point and finished fifth out of thirteen other vessels. The ship held up wonderfully and I would loke to note into my log the wonderful performance of the entire crew. Commander Deich did an exceptional job (as usual) of keeping the island on the left. USS Eagle Captain Bivona was steady as a rock, kept to the schedule, and handled every task put forth to him. First Officer Captain Richard Schillay kept the Enterprise in peak operating condition and made extra effort to keep Laura's birthday cake warm; we couldn't have done this race without him. Lt. Commander Dave Beaver once again has went beyond my expectations in helmsmanship, preparedness, crew morale, and can down a fruit cup like no one I have ever seen. Lieutenant Jory Stark, after battling a mild case of space sickness, has shown me that the promotion to Lt. Commander should not be far off. Ensign Laura Heald, who celebrated her 31st birthday during the mission, has been a wonderful asset to the Enterprise - I also should note her expert helmsmanship during the overnight in Long Island Sound. Ensigns Brad Nassau and Jonathan Pincus, after a challenging, energized, high-wind sail repair, both boldly slept like no man has slept before.

We have learned a few things:
1. "Take your hands off me, you damn dirty ape!" was one of the best movie lines ever - along with several from Blazing Saddles.
2. Ernie lives really far away.
3. Fruit Cup or Photon Torpedo? You decide.
4. In high winds, with water splashing on the deck, a paper towel doesn't dry much.
5. Navigation is a lonely job.
6. Sheep on a plate (with a side dish of sheepdog) can be a delightful meal at 2:00 am in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Enterprise is already ready for Wednesday Night Races again.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10156.2
The Enterprise is now ready for it's deep space mission called the Around Long Island Regatta sponsored by Cablevision. As a matter of pride, we will not accept special Cablevision markings on our hull, as there has not been a significant increase in Star Trek movie showings on cable television. The competition will be fierce, but it looks like the conditions will be favorable for a voyage to remember. Unfortunately, Ensign Brick will not be able to join us, but I am confident in the crew and their abilities. No matter where we go, we will go boldly.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10152.1
While on a routine mission to secure dilithium for the warp drive (diesel fuel,) I slipped, twisted my ankle, and later spent 5 hours at the Emergency Room at Starfleet Medical. Orders are I stay off the ankle for 48 hours and stay off the Enterprise for a couple of weeks. Although I will follow those orders for this week, I will do my best to return to active duty by the week after. In the meantime, the crew will continue on without me under the full command of our first officer, Captain Richard Schillay. Lt. Commander Dave Beaver will now be First Officer. I trust all will go well as the crew is the finest I've ever served with.