Captain's Log: Stardate 10165.2
Yesterday, I had the good fortune, thanks to a gracious invite from Captain Ohstrom, to take the helm of USS Frolic. I was very impressed with her power and speed. Despite some age issues with her warp drive (sails), the conditions were favorable and we did well. I am unable to go into more about our adventure, because details about two grown men on board a ship named Frolic falls well into Starfleet's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
As for the Wednesday before, it appears that Ensign Nassau was, once again, trapped in the black hole known as work. Granted, his chances for escape would be far greater if his lips weren't tractor beamed to his superior's ass. Somehow, his priorities have changed, and I wonder if he hasn't been seduced by the dark side. Oh wait -- That's Star Wars. Never mind.
Lieutenant Weinstock was also AWOL, who seemed to be more facinated with the silicone melons of Janet Jackson than exploring the final frontier.
As for the race, we did well, especially considering our starting posistion. The crew worked hard and we gained some position. But will it be enough in the long run? The next four weeks will be crucial. We must sail fast and sail right.
Personal log entry: Ensign Heald, our self-proclaimed "Boat Bimbo", has enlisted my help to seek out a new life form for her to date. Depite her practical joke to introduce her 19 year-old roommate to the crew, whom we have named Six of Nine (69 -- get it?), I will always do my best to pimp out any member of the Enterprise crew. Interested parties know how to contact me.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10162.4
Ensigns Nassau and Brick were no-shows once again, but with a little help from the captain and crew from USS Eagle, the Enterprise once again went boldly to the race course.
The race was very short, and although we crossed the line first, our final corrected score was not up to our usual standards.
Ensign Heald was injured during the spinnaker take-down when she lost her footing and landed on one of the stanchions. We're not sure just how long it has been since Laura last jumped on a long, hard pole, but she could use some practice on her technique.
I also wanted to note in the log the wonderful crewmanship by the entire crew. Most notably the foredeck work by Stark and Beaver as well as the spinnaker work by Heald and Weinstock. Heald handles the sheet, while Weinstock does the guy (his name is Jeff.)

Captain's Log: Stardate 10160.5
"I need Warp Speed now!" I yelled.
Ensign Heald yelled back from down below in the best Scottish accent she could muster: "I just cannae do it sair! There's just no power to the warp engines!"
And so as it was last night, with close to no wind and a just a glimmer of hope that we could finish within the time limit for our biggest lead to date. We did our best and worked hard through the frustrating situation, but in the end, we finished six minutes too late. Elsewhere in the sector, other starships experienced the same fate, some captains losing their judgment and making grave errors: Captain Ohstrom on USS Frolic wasted a perfectly good can of beer by throwing it in Long Island Sound and then we witnessed a collision between USS Sonshine and USS Hub Bub.
I should also note in the log another attack from the Evil Hairy Horta against the Frolic. I will see what develops, but for now, we remain at red alert. . .