Captain's Log: Stardate 10160.5
"I need Warp Speed now!" I yelled.
Ensign Heald yelled back from down below in the best Scottish accent she could muster: "I just cannae do it sair! There's just no power to the warp engines!"
And so as it was last night, with close to no wind and a just a glimmer of hope that we could finish within the time limit for our biggest lead to date. We did our best and worked hard through the frustrating situation, but in the end, we finished six minutes too late. Elsewhere in the sector, other starships experienced the same fate, some captains losing their judgment and making grave errors: Captain Ohstrom on USS Frolic wasted a perfectly good can of beer by throwing it in Long Island Sound and then we witnessed a collision between USS Sonshine and USS Hub Bub.
I should also note in the log another attack from the Evil Hairy Horta against the Frolic. I will see what develops, but for now, we remain at red alert. . .