Captain's Log: Stardate 10162.4
Ensigns Nassau and Brick were no-shows once again, but with a little help from the captain and crew from USS Eagle, the Enterprise once again went boldly to the race course.
The race was very short, and although we crossed the line first, our final corrected score was not up to our usual standards.
Ensign Heald was injured during the spinnaker take-down when she lost her footing and landed on one of the stanchions. We're not sure just how long it has been since Laura last jumped on a long, hard pole, but she could use some practice on her technique.
I also wanted to note in the log the wonderful crewmanship by the entire crew. Most notably the foredeck work by Stark and Beaver as well as the spinnaker work by Heald and Weinstock. Heald handles the sheet, while Weinstock does the guy (his name is Jeff.)