Captain's Log: Stardate 10168.2
The race last night will forever be known as "The Race That Could Have Been..." After a great start (Thanks Richard), a windward leg that was tactically perfect (Thanks Richard), a well-planned spinnaker set (Thanks Richard), we blew our downwind leg by heading towards mark "B" which one of the crew mistook for the starting pin (um, Thanks Richard.)

The biggest surprise of the night was the resurrection of Ensign Nassau, who has somehow found a way to pry his lips off of his superior's butt and once again go forth to the final frontier.

Lietenant Weinstock was a no-show, claiming illness as an excuse. The crew began to speculate on the validity of that claim, citing alternate possibilities ranging from fear of comparison with Janet Jackson's melons to a need for cranberry juice to all-out pregnancy (Jeff did fly away to France.)

Ensign Heald and Lieutenant Stark will not be able to join us next week for Race 17. They will both be greatly missed. Ensign Heald, supposedly heading off to Canada (ey) was last seen heading towards Rhodes with Martin Tune from USS Frolic and the man we have all come to know as "JG."

The crew has been asked to take the Enterprise, in my absence, to the EBYRA Fall Series. They are discussing the possibilities as to availability. If the Enterprise does participate, Lt. Commander Dave Beaver will take the conn. For a preview of what that may be like, please review the "Kobayashi Maru" opening sequence of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.