Captain's Log: Stardate 10173.1
Despite recent tragedies, it felt great to once again embark to the final frontier last Wednesday night, and it turned out to be one of the best races of the season. It was a shame that the entire crew wasn't able to attend. Our start was close to perfection - and it would have been perfect had Laura known how to tie a knot correctly. (How can she expect to keep a man if she can't tie a good knot?) You guessed it, as we were heading towards the line, ready to luff up Hub Bub, our genoa came loose and we suddenly found ourselves without Warp Drive. Thanks to Dave who quickly responded to the situation, tied new knots and realigned the warp core. In no time, we were moving fast! Everything else went perfect and the Enterprise finished in second. Final results are being computed.

After some consideration, I am noting the following into the log:

- Commendation for Captain Richard Schillay for attendance and tactical command.

- Commendation for Lt. Commander Dave Beaver, again for attendance and his quick thinking that embodies the true sprit of being a Starfleet officer. Dave is also credited with inventing the Fruit Cup Photon Torpedo, which is being outfitted on every starship.

- Jory Stark will receive a promotion to Lt. Commander, based on his attendance, his abilities and his use of projectile vomiting as a method of propulsion.

- Commendation for Lt. Debra Weinstock, whose winning attitude and superb attendance has shown me that a further promotion may not be too far off.

- They said it would never happen - but even I was pleasantly surprised with Andy Brick's timeliness, attendance and willingness to learn. I admit, it was a close call due to his last-minute drop out of the Around Long Island and his apparent lack in management capabilities (See Andy's Admiral log entry.) But nevertheless, he has been promoted to Lieutenant.

- Kurt VonRoeschlaub will receive a promotion to Lieutenant based on his attendance and his growing abilities. He also travels the farthest each each week - a dedication that I wonder if it would be found in others.

- Laura Heald, despite her knot-tying shortfall, is the newest member of the crew and has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the Enterprise. She has reworked the cockpit procedures and spinnaker packing in order for the ship to run faster and more smoothly. Looking back over the log, I see several examples of her service, from throwing her body onto a stanchion to save the spinnaker from doom to wolfing down a butt cake, making sure it was safe for the others to consume. She has been promoted to Lieutenant.

- Ensign Brad Nassau, whose uncanny ability to sleep during the most dramatic and dangerous of missions has only been present for one race since the Around Long Island. I hope that he too will be seeing a promotion once he finds the correct matter/antimatter balance between work and his Starfleet duty.

- Ensign Pincus has only been on board for a fraction of our missions, but did complete the Around Long Island. I hope he will also find the right balance and boost his career as an officer.

Plans are under way for some fall races before the Enterprise is returned to space dock for several months.