Captain's Log: Stardate 10180.3
Today marked the final voyage of the year for the Starship Enterprise. Lt. Heald and I brought her to spacedock today and deactivated the warp core (we took the sails off.) After a brief cleanup and decommissioning, Laura, in a bold move that I have never seen before, butted her head against the boom, much like a ram against another. I'm not sure of the reason or significance of this manuever, as it did cause her some pain, but I remembered that she in Canadian and therefore logic would not apply.

Plans are underway for a get-together over the next few weeks, possibly combining forces with our friends from USS Frolic. I'll be on special assignment in Florida next week, but look forward to such an event upon my return.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10177.0
Imagine a lot of wind.

Now double it.

That's what we faced yesterday as the Starship Enterprise raced in the 2001 Leukemia Cup. With reduced sail and crew perched on the rail getting soaked by the waters of Manhasset Bay and Long Island Sound, all performed well on this 20-mile trek, which was our last mission for the season. We decided not to use the spinnaker - in fact the decision to sail at all was a tough one. In a race that started with 14 boats, I think only six or seven actually finished, one of which was the Enterprise. The highlight of the race had to be travelling at Warp 8.6, but, with such speeds comes damage: Our radar reflector system was shattered and we lost a few warp couplings (the cars that hold the main sail to the mast.) Thankfully nobody was hurt, and I'm sure everyone got a great night's sleep.

Filling in for missing crewmembers Andy Brick and Jonathan Pincus (he lost his job - now what's his excuse?) was Lt. Laura's roommate Elizabeth, Asteroid-Crusher Deborah Fine, and USS Frolic crewmember Carol Senk (or whatever her last name is now - she's had more ex's than Elizabeth Taylor.)

The Enterprise is scheduled to return to spacedock for minor repairs and upgrades in the next few weeks. By next April, she will be ready to continue the voyages we have begun, seeking out new marinas and new regattas, boldly going where no man, or no one, has gone before.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10175.6
This Sunday, the crew of the Starship Enterprise will embark on what will probably be this year's last trek. As in previous years, our mission will end with the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Most of the crew will be joining us, along with, as Lt. Laura Heald promises, an appearance by "6 of 9" and perhaps other Borgalicious Babes. Needless to say, the single crewmen will be well prepared, personal phasers loaded.

While off the ship, the crew has been invited to my captain's quarters on Wednesday nights for a review of the 22nd Century Logs of Enterprise NX-01, followed by dinner at City island's Rhodes (known hangout of the most ruthless and slimy alien life.) So far, only Lt. Kurt has taken me up on the offer. Lt. Commander Beaver is probably still trying to create his own life forms (Come on Dave, we know you know how.) Lt. Weinstock is probably exploring Jeff's final frontier (and vice versa.) Lt. Heald is letting JG boldly go where no man has gone before. And Ensign Pincus is probably still stuck at work. Anyway, I hope they can make it in the future. The invitation remains open.