Captain's Log: Stardate 10185.4
Last night, Lt. Commander Beaver and Lt. Heald entered my quarters as Lt. Von Roeschlaub and myself were viewing the ship's logs of a previous vessel named "Enterprise" under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer (the logs are broadcasted weekly on UPN-9 Television.) Both were impressed with the size of the viewscreen and its digital capabilities, as we all watched from my couch. Laura sat on the floor, however, probably due to the size of her butt (see previous log entry.)

Laura brought fruit, crackers and cheese, but I, knowing of their arrival, provided beer and munchies. None commented on why I serve beer now and not during one of our sailing missions. Perhaps they realize that it is during the sailing missions that they are handling thousands of dollars worth of sailing equipment - and enough damage is done while fully sober not to warrant throwing alchohol into the equation.

Afterwards, we formed a landing party and beamed down to Rhodes, where we discussed a variety of subjects ranging from crew positions, to absent spouses to Laura's seemingly pathetic social life - although she apparantly has a date on Friday with another vessel's crewman, who, unlike JG, will now be known as "WG." At least she's moving up.