Captain’s Log: Stardate 10198.9
With Stardate 10200.0 rapidly approaching, I wanted to take a moment and wish the crew of the Starship Enterprise, along with all of our friends off the ship, a happy, healthy and safe new year.

It’s very unfortunate that 2001 will be most remembered for the events of September 11, so much so that this passing year will be one that we will never forget. We can all be thankful that we are all safe and surrounded by those who care about us.

I did want to point out, however, that 2001 should also be remembered for the good times. Times that tested our limits (as well as the Enterprise’s) and made us laugh. Here’s a small recap of some of the more memorable events of 2001:

∙ Stardate 10141.3: Laura and Kurt join the crew of the Enterprise. Commander Jerry Finger officially recognized as the weakest link – goodbye.
∙ Stardate 10146.3: We decide on spinnaker assignments. Laura handles the sheet and Deb does the guy (his name is Jeff.)
∙ Stardate 10146.6: Captain Jeff Ohstrom of the USS Frolic defeats and shames the evil hairy Horta in a protest hearing.
∙ Stardate 10150.1: Richard and The Crusher return home on the Enterprise after a short pleasure cruise. Thankfully, the ship was still in one piece.
∙ Stardate 10150.3: The crew of the Enterprise discovers who is managing whom in Andy’s marriage.
∙ Stardate 10157.5: The Enterprise returns in 5th place from its mission Around Long Island with butt cake, fruit cup photon torpedoes (Dave’s invention) and paper-towel-dried sails. Jory lost weight. Jonathan and Brad both boldly slept like no man has slept before.
∙ Stardate 10162.4: Laura loses all pole vaulting Olympic dreams when she somehow vaults herself onto a pole.
∙ Stardate 10165.2: Six of Nine rumors begin. Brad starts new job and becomes a distant memory.
∙ Stardate 10173.1: Promotions and commendations are given to the crew.
∙ Stardate 10177.0: In more wind than the Enterprise has ever sailed in, we take a 3rd in the Leukemia Cup Regatta, all with minimal damage and no lost crew. Most importantly, we helped to raise a record $18,000 for Leukemia research.
∙ Stardate 10184.3: The New York Yankees set a world record for being the losing-est team in World Series game history (Hey, I’m a Mets fan.)
∙ Stardate 10188.7: The Enterprise takes 2nd in the First Annual Boatless Regatta. Seeing as our best score of the year was in a race not actually involving the ship, plans are under way to refit the ship’s warp drive (sails) while in winter spacedock.
∙ Stardate 10194.2: I announce to the crew my engagement. Humans now await the remaining six signs of the apocalypse.
∙ Stardate 10196.1: During the surprise 60th birthday celebration for Richard, the crew chip in and restore the navigation systems of the Enterprise. Jonathan shows up – so now humans await the remaining five signs of the apocalypse.

Happy New Year, everyone. May there be wind in our sails and peace on Earth (not to mention the rest of the quadrant.)