Captain's Log: Stardate 10223.3
Today, the Enterprise will be officially entered in this year’s EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series (insert cheer here.) Spring has quietly sprung, and even though my concentration has been diverted elsewhere with work and the new home, there’s an ever-increasing interest in preparing the Enterprise and continuing our voyages.

So it is today when I begin to recall the crew to active duty from their extended shore leaves and give them some crucial mission dates:

Stardate 10235.2 (May 8): The EBYRA Skipper’s Meeting and Crew Party will commence at 7:00pm at Morris Yacht & Beach Club. Unlike previous meetings, crew are invited as well for information, beer and munchies. This will be a great time to make friends with people before you go yell at them on the water.

Stardate 10237.0 (May 15): The captain and crew of the Starship Enterprise perform race committee duty for Race 1 of the EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. This will be a great opportunity to learn the new starting sequence and screw it up beyond everyone’s expectations.

Stardate 10238.9 (May 22): The Enterprise begins racing in the Wednesday Night Race Series. Warp Speed!

Stardate 10256.4 (July 25): We once again boldly go around Long Island, fully armed with fruit cup photon torpedoes, butt cake and no sunflower seeds. Some people have been concerned with the amount of shark attacks in the Atlantic Ocean, so I offer this life-saving tip: If you think about it, you don’t have to swim faster than the shark; you just have to swim faster than Brad.

Stardate 10258.9 (August 3): Lt. Laura Heald takes command of the Enterprise for the City Island Yacht Club Women Skipper’s Race. Women drivers n Eastchester Bay. Insurance premiums triple.

Stardate 10270.4 (September 14): The Enterprise competes in the C&C Worlds 2002 against other like-designed starships. We’ll be fresh out of excuses.

Stardate 10276.2 (October 5-6): The Enterprise will compete in the EBYRA Fall Series and I will relinquish the conn to a yet-to-be-named crewperson.

More dates will follow, but for now, it’s time to dust off your uniform and look towards the sea, our own final frontier – for these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Our ongoing mission; to explore strange new harbors, to seek out new trophies and have fun on the race course. Indeed, to boldly do what no boat has done before . . .

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10217.3
Last weekend, I picked up Lt. Heald and her friend "Lefty" (who’s a righty – go figure) and we ventured west to Towaco, New Jersey, the home of Captain Ernie Bivona of USS Eagle. Lefty seems to be very interested in joining the crew and does have some sailing experience (Brad: She’s really cute, too.) She’s personable, friendly, eager to learn, but has an annoying habit of pronouncing “Star Trek” like “Star Track.” Oh well. Nobody’s perfect. Laura’s friend Patti (from planet Canada) was unable to make it. I wonder if she’s in the same “imaginary friend” category as “6 of 9”. Laura swears she exists and sleeps with her every night. Normally, I would include some sort of lesbian sex joke here, but I’ll let the crew’s imaginations reach their own conclusions.

The party itself was very successful, with a great turnout. Most of the USS Eagle crew were there as well as the crew from USS Frolic (Carol Senk wore leather pants – oh my!) Also, there were members of USS Hub Bub, Ed Austin of USS Chinook, and Captain Charlie Hurd of USS Excalibur along with his wife. There was food galore and towards the end of the evening, Ernie’s wife showed me all of the 30 year-old Star Trek memorabilia that her son has collected. I was tempted to have Laura distract them while I took what I could to make a small fortune on eBay, but decided against it anyway.

It looks like my mortgage has been approved and I will have new Captain’s quarters within the next couple of months. I’ll keep everyone posted on a get-together / crew party in Westchester Country at the new home.

Also, it seems that Richard has broken all known warp speed records and is buying an apartment with his new girlfriend, Marcy – and there’s already talk of marriage. I think this may have something to do with his 60th birthday and Einstein’s theory that the faster you move through space, the younger you get. Good luck with that one, Richard.

On a final note, we’ll be scheduling some work parties to prep the Enterprise later in April. It is my hope that she will launch in the beginning of May, better than ever.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10216.4
Tomorrow, Lt. Heald and I will be taking a long-range shuttle to the home of Ernie Bivona, captain of the starship Eagle. Joining us on this deep-space journey will be a cadet named Patti, whom Laura has been coaxing to join the Enterprise crew. She, too, is from the planet Canada, so her level of sanity is a concern. I will question her on her sailing abilities and knowledge of Star Trek trivia, both vital to becoming a member of our crew. (Who am I kidding – we’ll take her if she’ll have us.)

I expect Captain Jeff Ohstrom of USS Frolic to be there along with our own Lt. Debra Weinstock and most of the Frolic crew. Also attending should be Captains Ed Austin of USS Chinook and Chris Hubbard of USS Hub Bub. I also expect most of the crew of USS Eagle to be there, most of whom we know from their temporary assignments to the Enterprise last year after Eagle went off course and collided with an asteroid – who navigates that ship anyway?

When we return, I’ll make a note on the Captain’s Log of any unusual sightings and events (expect a long entry.) We will also be on the lookout for a new mate for Laura, as she seems to be long overdue for a little Pon Farr.