Captain’s Log: Stardate 10216.4
Tomorrow, Lt. Heald and I will be taking a long-range shuttle to the home of Ernie Bivona, captain of the starship Eagle. Joining us on this deep-space journey will be a cadet named Patti, whom Laura has been coaxing to join the Enterprise crew. She, too, is from the planet Canada, so her level of sanity is a concern. I will question her on her sailing abilities and knowledge of Star Trek trivia, both vital to becoming a member of our crew. (Who am I kidding – we’ll take her if she’ll have us.)

I expect Captain Jeff Ohstrom of USS Frolic to be there along with our own Lt. Debra Weinstock and most of the Frolic crew. Also attending should be Captains Ed Austin of USS Chinook and Chris Hubbard of USS Hub Bub. I also expect most of the crew of USS Eagle to be there, most of whom we know from their temporary assignments to the Enterprise last year after Eagle went off course and collided with an asteroid – who navigates that ship anyway?

When we return, I’ll make a note on the Captain’s Log of any unusual sightings and events (expect a long entry.) We will also be on the lookout for a new mate for Laura, as she seems to be long overdue for a little Pon Farr.