Captain's Log: Stardate 10225.8
By subspace transmission today (email), I received confirmation that Ensign "Lefty" (who is a righty) Zagoreos will be joining the Enterprise crew this season - and hopefully for many seasons to come. Lefty is a non-Canadian friend of Lt. Heald whom I met at Captain Ernie Bivona's party (see Captain's Log of Stardate 10217.3.)

So now the crew list is complete. The following people now make up the officers and crew of the flagship of the United Federation of Planets, the Starship Enterprise:

- Captain and First Officer Richard Schillay: Tactician, chief navigator and, with his handy roll of paper towels, keeper of dry sails.

- Lt. Commander Dave Beaver: Officer in charge of foredeck and ship operations. He's starting to know more than I do. Dave will also act as weapons officer when targeting and firing fruit cup photon torpedoes.

- Lt. Commander Jory Stark: Secondary foredeck officer and commander of upwind genoa trim. In light winds, Jory will act as an auxiliary engine by projectile vomiting off the stern of the ship.

- Lieutenant Debra Weinstock: Primary guy control (she does have Jeff wrapped around her finger.) Target of 32% of all onboard humor.

- Lieutenant Laura Heald: Primary sheet control and target of the remaining 68% of all onboard humor. Laura is also in charge of spinnaker set-up (which she will train Patty and Lefty to do) and is the Enterprise's chief morale officer.

- Lieutenant Kurt vonRoeschlaub: Primary main control and bridge maintenance. Kurt actually bought sailing gloves this year and, get this, is actually keeping them in his car's glove compartment. Whether or not they make it to the boat remains to be seen.

- Ensign Brad Nassau: Secondary genoa and main control. Brad will be the only one who will bring a pillow to the Around Long Island. Brad has also volunteered to keep a close watch on our new single female crewpersons (is he dedicated or what?)

- Ensign Jonathan Pincus: We have work positions for Jonathan, but at this point, we'd be happy if he just shows up. C'mon Jonathan, you have a duty to uphold.

- Ensign Patty McKee: New crewperson from the planet Canada. Primary goal is to learn and help out where needed. Because she is Canadian, we expect her to lighten some of Laura's targeted humor - just not that much.

- Ensign Lefty Zagoreos: New crewperson who tells me she has bought boots, foul weather gear and leather gloves without fingers. She's apparently ready for anything, so on those really windy stormy days, we'll put her at the conn as the rest of us either go down below where it is dry or stay at the clubhouse and drink beer.

Once the boat launches, this crew will once again make sure history never forgets the name "Enterprise."