Captain’s Log: Stardate 10230.7
Last Saturday, the crew of the Starship Enterprise joined me for a spring work party, to prep the ship for another season of active duty. Missing were Ensign Jonathan Pincus, Ensign Brad Nassau, Lieutenant Kurt vonRoeschlaub and, most notably, Captain Richard Schillay.

It appears our first officer has forgotten words such as obligation, duty, and any other trait that goes along with being a high-ranking Starfleet officer. Instead, he chose to spend his time in Philadelphia (a dark corner of the galaxy) meeting soon-to-be relatives from out of state. Marcy (Richard’s main squeeze) called me to say they will both make it up to us with some hard work in the future. After all, there will be decks to soap up (during races of course), sails to dry and birthday cakes to sit on – oh . . . and other work that should leave Richard smelling like bilge water and diesel fuel for a week or two.

Kurt was at a sci-fi convention on Long Island and has told me that he picked up rank “pips” for the crew – I hope he got enough. We think Brad didn’t come because the planets weren’t aligned (or a sufficient lack of Gemini’s and Leo’s on board) for doing boat work – hopefully “Moon-Unit” Nassau will be able to race. Jonathan’s absence remains a mystery – Hailing frequencies open. Earth to Jonathan. Come in Jonathan.

It was great to see Laura, Dave, Deb and Jory again, all of whom did a wonderful job sanding the hull and helping with the final installation of our new navigational system. This was also a great opportunity to meet the newest members of our crew, Ensigns Lefty and Patty. Lefty and Patty seemed eager to race and did an excellent job of mounting our new jam cleats, running wires and cleaning up residual mildew from the long storage. I think they’ll make excellent crew and a valuable asset to the ship. Patty may have gotten on Dave’s bad side by being short a croissant or two, but I’m sure some yard landscaping will make up for that. Lefty, after mounting the last jam cleat asked if there was anything else she could screw – definitely the wrong group to be asking THAT question.

We finished the day by having lunch at Rhodes (paid for by Richard, of course) where discussions ran from sailboat handicapping to Deb’s and Laura’s love life – business as usual on board the Starship Enterprise.