Captain’s Log: Stardate 10241.1
Last night, our first officer Richard Schillay returned to active duty and, even though still under control of the Intruder, promised to be there every Wednesday. The rest of the crew is highly skeptical, but will take him at his word. Showing Richard up in the biggest possible way was Lt. Commander Dave Beaver, who raced last night even though it was his wife’s birthday.

The race had its ups and downs. Despite a great start, we were not accurately reading the wind shifts and chose the wrong side of the course. Our first spinnaker set for the season was far from “textbook”, however I am proud to say that out of all the hourglasses I’ve seen in my many years of yacht racing, this one was close to perfection. Great shape, full top, full bottom, thin center. If Jonathan was on board, he may of even tried to have sex with it. Once fixed, or position was cemented. Concentration went from spinnaker trim to avocado sushi, thanks to Ensign Nochlin (who did a great job for his first day on board the Enterprise. I can see he’s going to be a key player.)

It was also Ensign Lefty’s first night out, who did an excellent job filling in where needed and acting as communications officer before the start. Thanks to Lefty, hailing frequencies were open at all times. After the race, however, Lefty also did an incredible job of making me feel really old. Thanks Left.

Also during dinner, Laura mentioned that she likes her men old and “bendy.” And here we all thought she was looking for a good “stiffy.” Anyway, the search for a potential mate for Laura continues, although I now have concerns as to her crewing availability once she has hooked up. Lefty’s boyfriend is already causing problems.

At the end of the evening, most of the crew got our first look at Laura’s new (used) car, also known as “The Canadian Express.” Other motorists should be warned: There’s a wild Canadian on the streets of New York City, who doesn’t know where she’s going (I should have saved the voicemails) and she’s driving a 2-cylinder, 25-horsepower deathtrap. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10239.2
With only a skeleton crew aboard, the Enterprise did not race last night, but spent time checking systems, making repairs and drinking beer cooled in Long Island Sound water. The highlight of the evening was engaging the impulse drive and escaping orbit from the evil Yardmaster’s planet. As we pulled away, we considered firing a full spread of photon torpedoes, saving other starships from a similar or worse fate, but in the end, decided that there are better ways to destroy the Yardmaster. And destroy him, we will.

On board was Ensign Patty McKee (who can tie good knots while drunk – a note to all of the S&M-loving alcoholic single men out there,) Lt. Laura Heald (who was tight lipped about some romantic rendezvous on Friday night,) Lt. Kurt vonRoeschlaub (who, while I stitched one of the track cars to the mainsail, boasted how much of a great seamstress he his,) Lt.Cmdr. Jory Stark (who took the helm and gave us a pleasant sunset tour of Western Long Island Sound,) and Lt. Cmdr. Dave Beaver (who, in the cold air, wore shorts and helped with the repairs.) Dave also has some great ideas about foredeck and I will leave those decisions in his capable hands.

After our pleasant sunset sail, we returned the Enterprise home and agreed that she’s ready for next week’s race.

On a side note: Earlier this week, we learned that another member of the dreaded Yardmaster race has all but destroyed the USS Eagle, commanded by Captain Ernie Bivona. The Eagle crew is safe and being temporarily transferred to other area starships. These Yardmasters may be a worse threat to the Federation than the Borg.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10237.8
The plan this rainy Saturday morning was to rig the Enterprise, take her for a sail (if the weather cleared) and bring her home into standard orbit at City Island Yacht Club. A single phone call the afternoon before confirmed the launch of the ship between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon.

Lt. Heald and Ensign McKee must have misunderstood the “rain” part of “rain or shine” because after turning on my communicator, I received a message from Lt. Heald saying it was raining out and because of such, she wasn’t coming. As forecasted, by the time I reached City Island, the rain had stopped . . . but then –

To my surprise, the Enterprise was trapped in the evil Yardmaster’s tractor beam and still hovering over the land, a few hundred feet from where she should have been and several feet higher off the water as expected. I confronted the Yardmaster, who claimed that the non-launch was for my safety, but had no reasonable excuse for not contacting me, whereby I could have stopped transport of the Enterprise crew already on their way.

Lieutenant Commanders Dave Beaver (who was wearing shorts in the 40+ degree temperature) and Jory Stark arrived ready to help, and I want to note in the log an appreciation for their dedication and understanding of the somehow-challenging English-language use of the word “rain” in “rain or shine.”

The three of us went to Rhodes for lunch (much to everyone’s surprise, I ordered a roast pork hero) where we discussed the ship, crew, and our first officer’s sudden disregard for Starfleet duty while under the mysterious mind control of this alien woman whom we will, for now, refer to as “The Intruder.”

Red Alert! Raise Shields! They plan to marry in October of this year.

I think Dave put it best when he said, “I think I liked The Crusher better. I mean she did crash the boat into a rock and all, but at least she let him sail.”

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10235.6
I’m pleased to announce that, weather permitting, the Enterprise will be launched within the next 72 hours. We will not be racing the boat until Race 2, which falls on May 22 (which also happens to be the date of the season cliffhanger finale of “Enterprise" – get those VCRs ready!)

Next week (May 15) I have volunteered us to perform Race Committee duty to kick off the season. We’ll get credit for a race and, more importantly, get to know the new starting sequence inside and out. We’ll meet at 6:15pm at the Stuyvesant YC dock (which is at the end of Centre Street.)

I know of a couple who won’t be able to join us: It seems Lt. Weinstock is once again studying for her exam in hopes that maybe this time she’ll actually pass it, and our First Officer, will be working on selling some artwork in hopes to better our sail inventory.

I don’t think Jonathan will show, because, well, he’s Jonathan. (Jonathan? Are you in this year? C’mon! We need you!)

Thanks to Laura, Patty, Dave and Kurt who drank beer and made wise cracks during my presentation at the EBYRA Skipper’s Meeting and Crew Party. Laura and Patty got a little tipsy, whereby Laura, who turned a few heads with her legs and her Uhura go-go boots, ended up using the men’s bathroom (and as rumor has it, a urinal) and Patty made real headway in trying to seduce “a real poser, who is a skipper, and who might be gay.”

It’s going to be a great season.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10234.5
(Cool Stardate! If it were 1912, it would be 1234.5)
This past weekend, Lt. Heald and I discovered a new enemy race more devious than the Romulans, more dangerous than the Klingons, and more profit-driven than the Ferengi - the dreaded Yardmaster.

Our intentions were to paint the Enterprise and complete the final prep for a launch this week. We got a few strokes on the hull and were attacked by the Yardmaster. Shields down and powerless, he spewed at us that we could not paint the Enterprise hull (something we had done for years) while hiding behind contracts and city regulations. Laura tried to fight back stating we could put down tarps and clean up afterwards, but the Yardmaster was relentless in his attack. Only he and his staff can paint the hull, and for that, we have to pay a fee.

Afterwards, the Yardmaster approached again, stating he would work out a decent price and get the hull painted within a few days so that we are not too far off the Enterprise’s launch schedule. Hopefully, the Enterprise will launch this week and we’ll be able to warp away from the yard (and the Yardmaster) as soon as possible.

On a separate note, Richard, our first officer, is starting to feel really guilty (guilt can get us new sails, new shirts, etc.) over some recent news. It looks like Richard will not be able to make the crew party this week, the Race Committee duty for Race 1 or the Enterprise’s seasonal debut for Race 2. It looks like he’s completely caught under Marcy’s spell and under her command. He repeatedly claims that he’ll be able to make all other races, the Around Long Island, and that he’ll clean the bilge well enough for us to eat out of, but I am somewhat skeptical. Can Marcy be even more dangerous to the Enterprise than The Crusher? Time will tell, but for now, we’ll remain on alert.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing (most of) the Enterprise crew this Wednesday night (May 8), 7:00pm, at Morris Beach & Yacht Club (last club on the island.)