Captain’s Log: Stardate 10234.5
(Cool Stardate! If it were 1912, it would be 1234.5)
This past weekend, Lt. Heald and I discovered a new enemy race more devious than the Romulans, more dangerous than the Klingons, and more profit-driven than the Ferengi - the dreaded Yardmaster.

Our intentions were to paint the Enterprise and complete the final prep for a launch this week. We got a few strokes on the hull and were attacked by the Yardmaster. Shields down and powerless, he spewed at us that we could not paint the Enterprise hull (something we had done for years) while hiding behind contracts and city regulations. Laura tried to fight back stating we could put down tarps and clean up afterwards, but the Yardmaster was relentless in his attack. Only he and his staff can paint the hull, and for that, we have to pay a fee.

Afterwards, the Yardmaster approached again, stating he would work out a decent price and get the hull painted within a few days so that we are not too far off the Enterprise’s launch schedule. Hopefully, the Enterprise will launch this week and we’ll be able to warp away from the yard (and the Yardmaster) as soon as possible.

On a separate note, Richard, our first officer, is starting to feel really guilty (guilt can get us new sails, new shirts, etc.) over some recent news. It looks like Richard will not be able to make the crew party this week, the Race Committee duty for Race 1 or the Enterprise’s seasonal debut for Race 2. It looks like he’s completely caught under Marcy’s spell and under her command. He repeatedly claims that he’ll be able to make all other races, the Around Long Island, and that he’ll clean the bilge well enough for us to eat out of, but I am somewhat skeptical. Can Marcy be even more dangerous to the Enterprise than The Crusher? Time will tell, but for now, we’ll remain on alert.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing (most of) the Enterprise crew this Wednesday night (May 8), 7:00pm, at Morris Beach & Yacht Club (last club on the island.)