Captain’s Log: Stardate 10235.6
I’m pleased to announce that, weather permitting, the Enterprise will be launched within the next 72 hours. We will not be racing the boat until Race 2, which falls on May 22 (which also happens to be the date of the season cliffhanger finale of “Enterprise" – get those VCRs ready!)

Next week (May 15) I have volunteered us to perform Race Committee duty to kick off the season. We’ll get credit for a race and, more importantly, get to know the new starting sequence inside and out. We’ll meet at 6:15pm at the Stuyvesant YC dock (which is at the end of Centre Street.)

I know of a couple who won’t be able to join us: It seems Lt. Weinstock is once again studying for her exam in hopes that maybe this time she’ll actually pass it, and our First Officer, will be working on selling some artwork in hopes to better our sail inventory.

I don’t think Jonathan will show, because, well, he’s Jonathan. (Jonathan? Are you in this year? C’mon! We need you!)

Thanks to Laura, Patty, Dave and Kurt who drank beer and made wise cracks during my presentation at the EBYRA Skipper’s Meeting and Crew Party. Laura and Patty got a little tipsy, whereby Laura, who turned a few heads with her legs and her Uhura go-go boots, ended up using the men’s bathroom (and as rumor has it, a urinal) and Patty made real headway in trying to seduce “a real poser, who is a skipper, and who might be gay.”

It’s going to be a great season.