Captain’s Log: Stardate 10237.8
The plan this rainy Saturday morning was to rig the Enterprise, take her for a sail (if the weather cleared) and bring her home into standard orbit at City Island Yacht Club. A single phone call the afternoon before confirmed the launch of the ship between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon.

Lt. Heald and Ensign McKee must have misunderstood the “rain” part of “rain or shine” because after turning on my communicator, I received a message from Lt. Heald saying it was raining out and because of such, she wasn’t coming. As forecasted, by the time I reached City Island, the rain had stopped . . . but then –

To my surprise, the Enterprise was trapped in the evil Yardmaster’s tractor beam and still hovering over the land, a few hundred feet from where she should have been and several feet higher off the water as expected. I confronted the Yardmaster, who claimed that the non-launch was for my safety, but had no reasonable excuse for not contacting me, whereby I could have stopped transport of the Enterprise crew already on their way.

Lieutenant Commanders Dave Beaver (who was wearing shorts in the 40+ degree temperature) and Jory Stark arrived ready to help, and I want to note in the log an appreciation for their dedication and understanding of the somehow-challenging English-language use of the word “rain” in “rain or shine.”

The three of us went to Rhodes for lunch (much to everyone’s surprise, I ordered a roast pork hero) where we discussed the ship, crew, and our first officer’s sudden disregard for Starfleet duty while under the mysterious mind control of this alien woman whom we will, for now, refer to as “The Intruder.”

Red Alert! Raise Shields! They plan to marry in October of this year.

I think Dave put it best when he said, “I think I liked The Crusher better. I mean she did crash the boat into a rock and all, but at least she let him sail.”