Captain’s Log: Stardate 10239.2
With only a skeleton crew aboard, the Enterprise did not race last night, but spent time checking systems, making repairs and drinking beer cooled in Long Island Sound water. The highlight of the evening was engaging the impulse drive and escaping orbit from the evil Yardmaster’s planet. As we pulled away, we considered firing a full spread of photon torpedoes, saving other starships from a similar or worse fate, but in the end, decided that there are better ways to destroy the Yardmaster. And destroy him, we will.

On board was Ensign Patty McKee (who can tie good knots while drunk – a note to all of the S&M-loving alcoholic single men out there,) Lt. Laura Heald (who was tight lipped about some romantic rendezvous on Friday night,) Lt. Kurt vonRoeschlaub (who, while I stitched one of the track cars to the mainsail, boasted how much of a great seamstress he his,) Lt.Cmdr. Jory Stark (who took the helm and gave us a pleasant sunset tour of Western Long Island Sound,) and Lt. Cmdr. Dave Beaver (who, in the cold air, wore shorts and helped with the repairs.) Dave also has some great ideas about foredeck and I will leave those decisions in his capable hands.

After our pleasant sunset sail, we returned the Enterprise home and agreed that she’s ready for next week’s race.

On a side note: Earlier this week, we learned that another member of the dreaded Yardmaster race has all but destroyed the USS Eagle, commanded by Captain Ernie Bivona. The Eagle crew is safe and being temporarily transferred to other area starships. These Yardmasters may be a worse threat to the Federation than the Borg.