Captain’s Log: Stardate 10241.1
Last night, our first officer Richard Schillay returned to active duty and, even though still under control of the Intruder, promised to be there every Wednesday. The rest of the crew is highly skeptical, but will take him at his word. Showing Richard up in the biggest possible way was Lt. Commander Dave Beaver, who raced last night even though it was his wife’s birthday.

The race had its ups and downs. Despite a great start, we were not accurately reading the wind shifts and chose the wrong side of the course. Our first spinnaker set for the season was far from “textbook”, however I am proud to say that out of all the hourglasses I’ve seen in my many years of yacht racing, this one was close to perfection. Great shape, full top, full bottom, thin center. If Jonathan was on board, he may of even tried to have sex with it. Once fixed, or position was cemented. Concentration went from spinnaker trim to avocado sushi, thanks to Ensign Nochlin (who did a great job for his first day on board the Enterprise. I can see he’s going to be a key player.)

It was also Ensign Lefty’s first night out, who did an excellent job filling in where needed and acting as communications officer before the start. Thanks to Lefty, hailing frequencies were open at all times. After the race, however, Lefty also did an incredible job of making me feel really old. Thanks Left.

Also during dinner, Laura mentioned that she likes her men old and “bendy.” And here we all thought she was looking for a good “stiffy.” Anyway, the search for a potential mate for Laura continues, although I now have concerns as to her crewing availability once she has hooked up. Lefty’s boyfriend is already causing problems.

At the end of the evening, most of the crew got our first look at Laura’s new (used) car, also known as “The Canadian Express.” Other motorists should be warned: There’s a wild Canadian on the streets of New York City, who doesn’t know where she’s going (I should have saved the voicemails) and she’s driving a 2-cylinder, 25-horsepower deathtrap. Be afraid. Be very afraid.