Captain’s Log: Stardate 10246.8
The conditions were close to perfect last night (cool, 5-10 knots of breeze) as the crew of the Enterprise went forth to compete in Race 6 of the Wednesday Night Race Series. We powered out to the starting area as Laura couldn’t effectively describe the difference between “good touch, bad touch,” Lefty worried endlessly about the dolphins we killed with excess diesel fuel and true love blossomed on the foredeck (?).

Not able to make it were Ensign Brad Nassau, Lt. Kurt vonRoeschlaub (whose excellent tailoring – or seamstressing - skills couldn’t do a thing for his daughter’s collarbone) and Lt. Deb Weinstock (who was attempting to use Aussie transporter technology to get to Paris.)

We put the sails up and Dave gave Patty and Mitch some training in genoa tacking. Is it me, or did Patty want to lose a finger? Down to six minutes to our start, we resumed our normal positions and gave it our “all.”

The start was perfect and, in no time, we had Rob Scancarelli of the Klingon Battleship “This Is It” (In Klingon: "FuQ’yn UhgLhi") sucking on our bad wind, forcing him to tack, to which we covered him endlessly, sending him further and further behind. We reached the first windward mark in first place, had a perfect spinnaker set, and never let a boat pass us after that.

I’m extraordinarily proud at the fine spinnaker work by the crew as the Enterprise performed two sets, two jibes and two take-downs in almost-textbook fashion.

Special note to Captain Jeff Ohstrom of USS Frolic: It’s very possible Mitch can handle a guy better than Deb can. He was always on top of it, hands always working and staying in complete control to ensure maximum benefit. You may want to rethink things.

Enterprise crossed the finish line first and placed second (with the Klingon scout “Desperado”, in Klingon: “WhinBi Rayt’Ng”, finishing Thursday morning and correcting over us.)

Plans are being put into motion for the Enterprise to compete in this year’s Around Long Island Regatta, running July 25, 26 and 27. Who is definitely in?