Captain’s Log: Stardate 10248.8
Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the severe thunderstorms in the area that cancelled last night’s race, but the absence of wind once the storms cleared. The storms were like none I had ever encountered though, with dangerous lightning bolts like massive phaser fire attacking the fleet. Damaged, but not destroyed, was the USS Robin’s Nest, which will be off of active duty for a least a couple of weeks.

The crew came aboard and never left the spacedock, knowing full well the night will be a non-event. Richard worked on the navigation systems, Deb quickly beamed off the ship to join a dinner engagement, and the rest of us sat, drank beer, and discussed Kurt’s ties to lesbian Druid weddings (Funny, she didn’t look Druish), Patty’s love life as it relates to fishing, and how we are all going to refer to ourselves in the third person next week while Lefty is going for a drive somewhere with her new learner’s permit (despite what she says, we all believe she’s 16.)

After beaming off the ship, Richard had to go somewhere (a mystery), Jory had a stomach ache (what stomach?) and Brad had to get back home to Jonathan (Jonathan who?). The remaining seven of us formed a landing party and went to Rhodes, where we enjoyed some great food and tried to figure out exactly what Canadians do with bottles of beer between their breasts (and the conversation spiraled downward from there.)

Before leaving, speculation began on who would be who if we were on the television series Cheers. It was agreed that I’d be Sam, Dave would be Norm, Patty is Carla, Laura is Diane, Lefty is Rebecca, Mitch would be Frasier and Kurt would be Cliff Clavin.

Then, we wondered about Gilligan’s Island. In that scenario, I’d be the skipper, Dave is the professor, Lefty is Mary Ann, Laura is Ginger, Patty is Mrs. Howell, Mitch is Mr. Howell and Kurt would be Cliff Clavin.