Shuttlecraft Log Entry: Stardate Supplemental
Shuttelcraft Laura (NCC-1701-A/2)
Lt. Commander Jory Stark Reporting

After the departure of both captains, I believe a log entry about the trip home by the remaining crew members (Lt. Heald, Ensign McKee, Ensign Zagoreos and myself) was in order: Lt. Heald, being under the influence of too much alcohol in too little time, relinquished control of the shuttle to me, the senior officer in attendance. After some initial difficulties (The clutch didn't operate as smoothly as I was used to, and I stalled out more in the first two minutes than I have in the last 10 years.), we set out on our return journey.

As dedicated members of Starfllet, we naturally took the opportunity to explore new planets and civilizations. "What's that on the right," one of the crew asked as we headed south on the Deegan.

"Manhattan," I replied. Interest in seeing this part of the galaxy being high, we headed for the Willis Avenue Bridge and a closer look. Before we could exit though, the commander of a passing Romulan shuttle yelled out something about our lights. It turned out that Shuttlecraft Laura required three turns of the illumination apparatus to be fully activated, and we had been operating with just the parking lights, a handicap made insignificant by an SOB in an SUV, who came behind us and used his high beams to light the galaxy ahead of us.

Our lights now fully operational, we crawled through Manhattan, crossed into Queens, and headed for the BQE. Unfortunately, due to the unwillingness of intergalactic intelligence agencies to share information, we were not notified that access to our intended entrance was prohibited. Reacting quickly, I turned down a desolate street.
"Jory, not down here," a frantic female voice screamed. "You're going to get us killed."
"Roll up the windows."

I am pleased to report that my three passengers came away from this sector with their honor as intact as it was when our odyssey began. The remainder of the trip was uneventful, and I would like to compliment Laura for showing more tolerance towards me than she did to the operators of all the other vehicles we encountered.