Captain's Log: Stardate 10250.7
Last night, the Enterprise performed exceptionally well in difficult conditions. Winds were light and shifty - so much so that we successfully performed three spinnaker sets in two consecutive legs.

Ensigns Lefty and Mitch couldn't make it for the journey, but returning again was Lieutenant Deb Weinstock, who suffered an injury during a "bowl-a-rama" when she swung her bowling ball into her own ankle. Clearly Deb's not the brightest dilithium crystal in the warp core.

Our start was top-notch, thanks to Richard, but attention veered away from sail trim to watching the Klingon frigate March Hare (I assume she's a frigate. Everyone's always saying "That frigate March Hare" or something like that) collide with the USS Hub Bub and a few others at the starting pin. What a mess that was - and I'm very happy that we warped away from it in time.

I'd like to note in the log the exceptional work by Dave and Jory on foredeck and the work of Laura (Babe) and Patty in packing and resetting the chute in a short period of time.

However, the highlight of the evening was when, while performing a spinnaker jibe, Deb announced that she's "blowing the guy." Jeff sure is lucky.