Captain’s Log: Stardate 10251.8
Having just returned from a short overnight voyage on the Enterprise, I thought now would be a good time to post an entry regarding a special mission that revolved around the birthday of America. The Enterprise was proud to be part of a large fleet of Federation ships (14 in all) that took standard orbit in the Glen Cove sector for swimming, barbecuing, fireworks and fun for all involved. Included in the fleet were USS Frolic, USS Hub Bub, USS Rubiyat (who had a lot of trouble holding a standard orbit), USS Indecent Proposal, USS Excalibur, USS Chinook and the USS Grandpa.

After experiencing a massive dose of solar radiation, we launched the Galileo, Enterprise’s main shuttlecraft, commanded by Lt. Laura Heald and Ensign Patty McKee. Their mission was clear: a test of skill and speed against USS Frolic’s main shuttlecraft, the Kegger.

The Kegger, piloted by Frolic’s Lt. Martin Tune, sailed circles around the two Enterprise crewpersons in a dazzling and embarrassing display that brought shame to our good ship. Laura explained that she was trying to pilot the Galileo in the same manner as Enterprise, but clearly misunderstood the difference between a starship and a shuttle. In an attempt to restore pride and save face with the rest of the crew, Laura is asking for a rematch. The only question that remains is if Mr. Tune will accommodate.