Captain’s Log: Stardate 10254.5
In truly wonderful conditions, the Enterprise did very well last night. Good tactical decisions and amazing spinnaker work had us in a strong first place on the second leg by buoy 46A. If only the race ended there. For a reason still unknown, the tactical victory we made on the first leg was reversed on the third leg costing us two positions. The Enterprise finished third behind USS Hub Bub and the Klingon ship Desperado.

The spinnaker team has been doing very well and perhaps a move to division 5 next year is in order. Dave and Jory have the foredeck under control. Laura and Mitch have been doing a fabulous job with spinnaker trim and Patty and Lefty are able to repack the chute and run control lines at warp speed. There was a time when a second spinnaker set was a concern – now it’s no big deal.

I am also happy to report, despite Captain Ernie Bivona’s commissioning of a new USS Eagle, Ensign Mitch Nochlin will be staying on board the Enterprise. I am pleased because Mitch is learning fast and doing great guy work. The crew is pleased because they’ll continue to get sushi and sun chips.

Ensign Lefty asked me if it was all right for her to stay on board the Enterprise overnight with Laura. Speculation began on what was going to happen between the two of them, alone on a sailboat with plenty of line on board. I’ll have to register and design a new website: So, what really did happen last night? In anticipation of such an event (although I really thought Patty would be the lesbian) I installed a webcam in the V-berth.

Incredible 23rd-Century technology has provided me with a way to include the webcam image in the Captain’s Log for posterity. Unfortunately, probably due to battery drainage, they kept the lights off, and we’ll never know.

I was able to retrieve audio however, and it seems Laura is a moaner, not a screamer. Then again, it’s possible that Lefty was elsewhere and that could be from the sunburn on her shoulders.