Captain’s Log: Stardate 10254.0
Thanks to Richard, we have secured orbiting rights at the marina near Battery Park for the evening before the Around Long Island Regatta, just a few steps away from Ground Zero. I’ll be looking for volunteers to help load up the Enterprise for the mission and the Wednesday voyage past Manhattan.

I’m looking into a shuttle for those who want to leave their cars at City Island on Thursday morning down to the Battery Park marina.

The weekend following the Around Long Island, the Enterprise will compete in the Women Skippers Race with Lt. Laura “Babe” Heald at the helm. The race is no longer referred to as the “Lady Skippers Race” because of the definition of “Lady.” As Ensign Lefty explains: a lady is a woman w/ refined habits and gentle manners associated w/ breeding and culture, or a well-behaved young girl, or a woman especially when spoken of or to in a polite way, or a woman to whom a man is romantically attached. Thank goodness for the name change, otherwise we wouldn’t qualify. On a related note, there is talk amongst the crew of switching key positions normally held by men with the women on board.

Our insurance carrier just went to red alert.

Finally, over the weekend I received a message on my communicator that Ensign Lefty will not be able to make six consecutive races this season starting in early August because she will be out of town. I am sensing some foul activity going on here. It can’t be the dreaded Yardmaster. It can’t be the Klingons or Romulans. Oh no. It must be . . . The Wrath of Aran.