Captain’s Log: Stardate 10258.4
The crew of the Enterprise returned in full force last night, fully recovered from our ten-mile trek in rough seas in the 5% Around Long Island Regatta. Ensign Lefty didn’t make it down from Poughkeepsie, probably because she had to pull over to the side of the road a few times to throw up.

The winds were light and variable at first, but the 3:00 southerly came in (at 7:30) and provided us with a nice night of sailing. We started in second place with very little speed and almost hit the starting pin. Right behind us was USS Hub Bub, who tacked to get away from our bad wind, and ended up getting Bivona’d by losing their helm control (those crew persons from USS Eagle and who have ever sailed with Ernie certainly know the meaning of “Bivona’d”.)

Using her sly and evil tactics, The Intruder will be taking our tactical officer to New Mexico for a couple of weeks, thereby breaking his promise to both myself and the crew of his continued participation in Wednesday nights – not to mention his promise of an after-race pool party this Saturday following the completion of the Women Skippers Race. Adding in the fact that, tactically, Richard’s mind was already in New Mexico, he has sorely let the crew down.

Tactics aside, the crew performed exceptionally well with quick tacks, a fast spinnaker hoist and a few well-executed spinnaker jibes. We crossed the finish line in first place, correcting into third with USS Frolic and the Klingon warship Desperado a few minutes behind us.

On a final note, before leaving the mooring, Dave thought he saw Brad coming out on the launch, who turned out to actually be Mitch. This now raises a single question . . .

Brad who?