Captain’s Log: Stardate 10264.1
The full crew of the Enterprise (minus Brad, of course, who was either working or participating in some kind of speed-dating circle jerk, and Lefty, who made it a point to tell us that she wasn’t puking on Greek ferries) came out last night for a pleasant evening’s sail and a fairly exciting race.

The night started with us hauling Ensign Patty up the mast to repair the damage to the warp core caused by an error Dave made the week before. After much effort and untwisting halyards through small blocks, Patty yelled out “It’s coming!” loud enough for all of Eastchester Bay to hear. It was good for her.

Joining us for the first time was future step-cousin and Intruder nephew Jordy (although we’ll forever spell it “Geordi” for obvious reasons.) Geordi experienced the thrills of yacht racing, did some genoa work, and almost lost a sneaker in the process. All attempts to secure a VISOR for him to wear while on board were futile, as Patty explained that they just don’t make them in our century. Geordi heads out to a Star Fleet Academy in Pennsylvania today.

The race went fairly well, with two well-executed spinnaker sets and some fast-paced upwind legs. There were a couple of slow tacks and Lieutenant Laura spent more time looking for trimarans and humming an old Rick Springfield song than watching spinnaker trim, but the nice breeze and low humidity made for a great night.

Next week, both Laura and Mitch will be off the Enterprise on special assignments. I’ll be relinquishing the conn to Richard for the night to take over spinnaker trim and Deb will go back to handling the guy (because, frankly, Jeff was starting to get lonely.)