Captain’s Log: Supplemental
I thought it would be appropriate to include in the log that Star Fleet, fearful to provide him with a brand new ship, has decommissioned the USS Boondoggle, renamed her to the USS Eagle and has restored command to Captain Bivona.

The Eagle’s original crew has been asked to return to duty, but many of them have either found a home on other starships (including Mitch, who is a welcome and vital part of the Enterprise crew) or have decided they rather stay off the rocks and out of the water.

If you’re a non-Enterprise crewperson, have an intrepid soul, someone who laughs in the face of fear and knows how to put on a PFD in under five seconds, I’m sure Ernie would like to hear from you regarding a crew position on the Eagle.

And I’ll remind you that my law firm does wills and estate work . . .

Best of luck to you, Ernie. Congratulations.