Captain’s Log: Stardate 10269.9
Extremely high winds gusting to over 50mph kept all of last night’s racers off their boats last night as we all watched several boats come loose from their moorings and drift through the fleet, hitting other boats, mooring chains and rocks. Thankfully, the Enterprise held its orbit and was untouched.

After a few moments, we decided to go to Rhodes for dinner. Beforehand, however, recent intelligence reports from Section 31 were confirmed regarding Lt. Heald’s and Ensign McKee’s weekend post on board the USS Frolic for the Captain’s Island mission.

With little to no wind, Frolic abandoned the race and engaged their warp core – not to increase speed, but to channel enough auxiliary power to the alcoholic beverage mixer. ----------

[Transmission terminated. Authorization Code: A-12-3-B-22-Q.]

*** NOTICE ***
The remainder of this log entry
regarding the actions of several
high-ranking officers on board
key starships has been removed
by Section 31.