Captain’s Log: Stardate 10273.7
With the Enterprise safely in orbit, several members of the crew and myself formed a landing party onto the Race Committee boat along with a few members of the Bajoran scout ship, Significant Other (who usually races in an insignificant division.)

Not joining us for the final Wednesday of the season was Lt. Kurt (who received an order to stay home from his wife, the Admiral), Ensign Brad (who seems to have been missing in action since Deep Space Nine went off the air,) Lt. Deb (who’s probably been spending her Wednesdays with Brad) and Lt. Laura (letting her work ethic get in the way of an evening of fun -- shame on you, Babe!)

The winds were light, but we sent the racers on a long course anyway – especially once I received requests to keep the courses short. We found that doing committee gave us an unique perspective of the starting and finishing tactics of the other boats – which led us to wonder how we could ever lose to some of these guys.

Once the racers were off, the cooler and the munchie bags were opened. While I organized the finishing/scoring sheets, conversation started in the rear of the boat, while down below, Dave did a good job of tying Patty down to one of the berths. I was fairly impressed with both Dave’s knot-tying ability and Patty’s willingness to be tied down to a bed -- so much so that I doubted this was a debut performance for her. Patty did mention that her father reads the Captain’s Log (they have computers and internet in Canada?) and I should not go any further. You’re right Patty, much better to leave the rest up to daddy’s imagination.

At the end of the evening, Dave was suggesting a Soprano’s party (last time I checked, I was a Tenor) at his quarters in Yonkers, Richard was tractor-beamed home by the Intruder, Patty was grabbing up email addresses of Kings Point cadets and Lefty was ready to take a life if she didn’t get a hot fudge sundae.