Captain’s Log: Supplemental
Now that the season is winding down, I’m starting to review the participation and performance of the crew for awards and/or change in rank. To show that there is a method to my madness, I wanted to note down some guidelines:

1. It takes much more time to increase rank in the higher ranks as it does in the lower ones. An increase from Ensign to Lieutenant could take a year or two, or, if your participation is poor, even more. Everyone starts out as an Ensign, and it takes a lot to go downwards from there. However, once in the higher ranks (Lt. Commander and upward,) it could take a few years of dedicated service to advance (otherwise we’d have a boatload of Captain’s. -- even though, by Star Trek V, there were four captains on the Enterprise; Kirk, Spock, Scott and Sulu.)

2. On the other hand, it takes a lot to be demoted from the lower ranks, but not as much to be demoted when higher up. As a high-ranking officer in Star Fleet, much more is expected of you and others depend on your participation and skills. For example, note the differences on board if Brad misses a race versus when Richard or Dave misses a race.

3. It’s not just about participation. Rank promotions are also based on willingness to learn and taking on important positions.

As Captain of the Enterprise, it should be known that each member of the crew is a welcome and vital part to the ship’s operations. Every person on board brings with them a set of skills or personality traits that makes each week a pleasure to be on the water. I established the rank system to show extra appreciation and, at the same time, a chain of command. I’d like to get to the point where, when racing, the operations of the boat (sail trim, tacking, foredeck, etc.) are handled by the senior staff, leaving the first/tactical officer to concentrate on tactics and starting, leaving myself to concentrate on helm, timing, and overall command. We’re almost there, and I believe it’s the key to winning.

This year, I’m also establishing some awards for service above and beyond that of normal duty. They are as follows:

1. Organian Medal of Honor: Awarded to the officer who did his or her best to “keep the peace” in the most demanding of times.

2. The Photon Torpedo Award: Awarded to the officer who did the best in defending the ship against attacks, both alien and Federation.

3. The M-5 Award: Awarded to the officer who gathers, provides and/or computes the most data in order to make tactical decisions.

4. The Harry Fenton Mudd a/k/a Leo Walsh Medal of Honor: Awarded to the officer who takes the most abuse but keeps coming back for more.

5. The DeForest Kelley Memorial Medal: Awarded to the officer who has shown the most dedication to the Enterprise and Star Fleet over a single year.

I’ll be announcing award recipients and rank changes in the near future.