Captain’s Log: Stardate 10279.2
The one constant in this universe is that the universe is ever-changing. This week has seen some of the biggest changes of all, yet all of them wondrously expected.

It started this past weekend when Commander Richard gave into the Intruder’s power and finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony that included fine dining, Motown music, and terribly corny champagne toasts. The happy couple is on their honeymoon right now, in of all places, Canada.

Captain Robin Ricca has been given command of the USS Saucy Girl, a Soverel 33-class starship, which will most likely be renamed to USS Robin’s Nest II (Or Robin’s Nest-A if you do things like we do.) Congratulations go out to him and his crew.

And today, our very own Lieutenant Debra has announced her engagement to Captain Jeff Ohstrom of the USS Frolic. The date has not yet been set for the joyous couple. Having known the two of them for many years (and as the one who set them up,) I can think of no better match. May their lives together be filled with good health and happiness. (Normally, I would put something in here about “blowing the guy,” but I’m in a good mood today and whole-heartedly wish the couple the very best.)