Captain’s Log: Stardate 10280.8
I’ve just received clearance from Star Fleet to release the following information which was originally told to me in confidence last weekend. As you can imagine, keeping information from the log is not something that comes easily to me.

For those of you who got to know our Ensign Patty over the last season, her days of man-less frustration are seemingly now over. In fact, you could say she’s singing a different “Tune.”

That’s right: Ensign Patty and the USS Frolic’s Martin Tune (who we usually refer to as “Mar-Tune”) are now an item and frankly, it’s hard to imagine better news. First there was Jeff and Deb, and now Martin and Patty – which makes me wonder if Dennis will be looking Lefty over anytime soon (or Danielle at Jory.)

Patty gave permission to make the union public (And boy, has this log gone public!) after her proud representation of the Enterprise at the club’s Going Out of Commissioning Party this past Saturday night. She was supposed to meet Martin’s parents (Yes, I too was shocked he actually has parents – thinking Martin was hatched out of some beaker in a condemned science laboratory specializing in potato guns and poor television reception,) but she tells me that will have to wait until another time.

Will we be calling her “Pat-Tune” anytime soon? Who knows. But they seem to have something really good going and I wish them the very best.

…and unlike Laura, her relationship’s success won’t keep her from her duty on board the Enterprise.