Captain’s Log: Stardate 10280.5
Yesterday I was joined by Lieutenant Laura and Ensign Patty for the seasonal decommissioning of the Starship Enterprise. This included taking all of the sails off, removing the boom (yet afterwards I still found myself ducking when coming out of the cabin,) changing the oil, and putting pink anti-freeze (which looks like Kool-Aid but doesn’t have the same sweet taste) into the ship’s water system. My deepest thanks to Ensign Patty who happily jumped into the engine room to siphon oil from the warp core. Of course, while down there, she was subjected to a large dose of lethal radiation, but Laura and I decided not to tell her. In the end, it looks like she’ll be all right, but there’s a odd streak of purple in her hair.

One of the saddest traditions that goes along with this duty is the removal of the dedication plaque from the main cabin (it get brought home and cleaned up for the following season.) Another great season is now officially at an end.

The crew has been invited to a “pot luck” dinner at Lt. Laura’s quarters the weekend after next for snacks, drinks, great food, and a chance to meet Laura’s new Canadian boyfriend (for those who have read the log last year, I suppose he represents a different type of stanchion for her to jump on – perhaps without cracking a rib this time.) I certainly hope to make it, but we’ll be in the middle of upgrading our computers at Star Fleet Command (my office) and that project may take more time than we hope for. Nevertheless, I expect a full report from the senior officers afterwards.

This new man, who for now we will refer to as “Ronnie the Romulan,” does represent some danger to the ship. There is a possibility that Lt. Laura could return to her homeworld of Canada as early as next May and may not return to duty on board the Enterprise next season. I am therefore asking Jory to start studying up on spinnaker sheet control (are you up for it, Jory?) and the rest of the crew to open up all hailing frequencies for a replacement crewmember. Sailing experience is preferred, but, as always, we are willing to train dedicated newcomers.