Captain's Log: Stardate 10284.4
With the server upgrade at Star Fleet Command complete on Saturday, I was looking forward to attending the "pot luck" dinner at Lt. Laura's quarters and finally meeting Ronnie the Romulan. Unfortunately, I instead spent the remainder of the weekend in bed with a bad case of Denebian Flu, where I remained miserable and coughed up phlegmballs the size of shuttlecraft. It was so bad that not even a DVD Star Trek movie marathon could boost my spirits. Still not well, I dragged myself into work but I am not planning on staying long. This must have been something I picked up while on my recent away mission to the planet Virginia.

Thankfully, Jory did attend the festivities and has made the following report:
Officer's Log: Stardate 10284.1 -- Lt. Commander Jory Stark Reporting
The center of attraction was of course the much-heralded "Ronnie the Romulan." Not being an expert on the Romulan species, I can't report whether Ron was a typical one or not. However, he does seem like a very nice person, and there is obviously a great deal of affection between him and our Lieutenant. The suggestion was made that given Ron's muscular stature, it would make more sense for him to move down here and add some sorely needed muscle to the crew of the Enterprise, but since Ron is a Romulan and not a Vulcan, logic is not the guiding force is this issue, and it doesn't seem like this will happen.

I have to make note that once again, the Captain of the Enterprise did not attend a party of Laura's. While it is certainly understood that a captain's responsibilities are many and the demands on his time great, the presence of the Captain of the U.S.S. Frolic served to lay doubts to any explanations our Captain might make.

Perhaps because of the two captains' respective examples, the crew of the U.S.S. Frolic had a much higher representation than the Enterprise crew did. Besides their indomitable Captain, the Frolic attendees included, his fiancee, Lt. (Ret.) Debra, and crewmembers Martin, Danielle, and Diane. I thought the Enterprise could boast of at least two attendees besides myself, the Ensigns Patty and Lefty, but Laura corrected that impression by telling me that they had to come, they were her friends, thereby implying that the rest of the
crew were not. Thanks, Babe. We'll miss you.

Despite the lack of Enterprise crew, we still managed to have a very good time. The food was great, the booze plentiful, and the company fantastic. While I'm sure that everyone has their own moments to remember, I want to mention Patty's flexibility demonstration, as she showed that she has not lost her ability to put her foot in her mouth. She commented to Aran that he was Lefty's other boyfriend, making the rest of us wonder what Lefty has not been telling us. Was this the real reason she was recently in California?

While it is only fair to wonder whether Laura will invite the crew to her next party, I can only hope that she is forgiving, and that more of the crew will show up next time - even if we're not her friends.