Captain’s Log: Stardate 10290.7
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (at least here it is. On the planet Canada, it’s just another Thursday) and I thought it would be a good time to list some of the things I’m thankful for over the past year.

I’m thankful for Marcy coming in to Commander Richard’s life. All the usual cons to get Richard to buy new gear are now useless. He’s sees them coming a mile away and has built up quite an immunity. At least now I have a new stepmother. “Marcy, Richard just seems soooo unhappy sailing slowly downwind with that old spinnaker we have. Any ideas on how to make him smile again?”

I’m thankful that Commander Dave is most likely already looking in Lamaz classes that don’t run on Wednesday Nights. If you need help, Dave, let me know.

I’m thankful for Lt. Commander Jory’s commitment to racing on the Enterprise despite the loss of his car and other challenges. His spirit is truly inspirational.

I’m thankful that Lt. Deb is marrying Captain Jeff Ohstrom of the USS Frolic. As you know, Deb wants a big ceremony, reception and party. So big that it looks like Frolic won’t be getting new sails until the 24th Century. Heck, even bottom paint may be a stretch.

I’m thankful for Lt. Laura’s new Romulan boyfriend. We were running out of jokes about J.G.

I’m thankful that Lt. Mitch is staying on board the Enterprise after his transfer from the USS Eagle. Word has it that he’s eligible for medical and life insurance again.

I’m thankful that Lt. Kurt is still a close friend after, wow, twenty-four years. Kurt should also be looking into parenting classes that don’t run on Wednesday nights.

I’m thankful that Ensign Brad sent me an email stating “Don’t count me out just yet.” Could Brad be making a triumphant return to the ship? Does he even remember where City Island is? I hope so.

I’m thankful that Ensign Patty has finally hooked up with MarTune of the USS Frolic. If they can survive this log, they can survive anything. Also, we’ll be depending on Patty to use her feminine ways to cause a sudden change of loyalty on board the Frolic during critical moments of waterfighting.

I’m thankful to Ensign Lefty for throwing up everything except my cooking during the 5% Around Long Island race.

I’m thankful to Captain Ernie Bivona of the USS Eagle for repeatedly making Richard’s run-in with Big Tom two years ago seem like no big deal as well as the addition of “Bivona’d” to our common language. “What’s the cast for?” “My leg got Bivona’d.”

Finally, I’m thankful for all of my dear friends both on and off the Enterprise. Sailing and racing have been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember, but it is their friendship that causes me to retain my interest in the sport. It wouldn’t be as much fun without them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.