Captain’s Log: Stardate 10294.0
Last night, an Enterprise landing party consisting of myself, Lt. Commander Jory, Lt. Mitch, Lt. Laura, Lt. Kurt and Ensign Patty beamed down to Harlem Yacht Club for the EBYRA Awards Dinner.

Ensign Lefty was supposed to come to the dinner, but canceled because she thought it would be a dinner. (That’s not a typo. Clearly Lefty is a few emitters short of a phaser bank.)

Also present was USS Frolic’s Captain Jeff and his bride-to-be Debra, who was sporting a rock on her finger that could put Big Tom to shame. As I mentioned at our table, I’m very proud of Jeff for proving an old saying wrong. You can buy the cow.

The food was great, but not as much as seeing the crew again after what seemed like an eternity. Laura was showing off her resume making it more apparent than ever that she will be leaving. And, Kurt, in a Cliff Clavin-esque moment, tried to convince Mitch that with the right tools, men can lactate (There’s just some stuff even I can’t make up.)

The awards ceremony went quickly, and the Enterprise took home a Third Place trophy for our performance (above water) at the Fall Series. Most everyone rushed home afterwards to catch the season finale of The Sopranos, which would have been better off airing on Lifetime than on HBO. (For those who missed it, Carmella finally stood up to Tony and kicked him out of the house. So, it looks like the only whacking next season will be by Tony in a hotel room to pay-per-view porn.)

Hopefully some of the crew will be able to come down to Atlantic City next month for the boat show and the Boatless Distance Race.