Captain’s Log: Stardate 10300.0
Wow. Looking back, it’s been quite a year on and off the Starship Enterprise. And, despite the possibility of a war in Iraq, several deaths in the DC-area sniper case and the stock market going down faster than Monica Lewinski in the oval office, this has been a good year. Since this log is being archived for historical purposes, it wouldn’t be prudent not to mention some of the year’s most memorable moments:

2002 was the year when Commander Richard tied the knot, and unlike some of his rope skills on board, it looks like he got this one right.

Also this year, Commander Dave managed to once again create a new life form with his wife Karen, proving he can spend more time in a dark hole than any Pennsylvania miner.

Lt. Commander Jory, with his perfect attendance record, now plans to take control over the foredeck as if he was the Republican party.

Lt. Laura seems to have found true love with Ronnie the Romulan and with her frequent trips to Canada, it appears she’s getting more action than a Catholic priest.

Lt. Kurt proved that you can know as much useless trivia as a Jeopardy contestant and still manage to get someone pregnant. He and his wife are expecting their second child.

2002 marked the year that Lt. Deb made Frolic’s Captain Jeff an honest man by setting a date. Their wedding will be so big that Jeff will have to rob a bank in order to buy new sails for Frolic. Psst. Jeff. The Chase on City Island opens at 8:30.

This was the year that Lt. Mitch joined the crew, bringing to us his guy-handling skills and a healthy supply of Sun Chips and sushi. What surprised me the most was when Mitch brought his wife out to meet us and she still let him sail with us afterwards.

More people have seen Ensign Brad on the water this year than have seen the new Star Trek movie. What was it Brad? Two races?

Ensign Patty is now singing a different “Tune” now that she’s being referred to as PaTune wherever she goes. As last report, she went down to meet his parents. Or were they two actors paid to claim they are his parents?

Ensign Lefty will always have 2002 remembered as the year when she choked up food, drink and Lavender Mist during the Around Long Island, significantly raising the water level of the Atlantic Ocean.

And, of course, there were events on other ships. The all-new USS Eagle carried on the tradition of its predecessor by having two accidents on the water. Although, one could argue it isn’t the ship. Short range scans show Captain Ernie putting the Frolic into a 360-degree spin during a race when Jeff wasn’t on board.

Finally, it was only a few weeks ago, when Captain Jeff of the USS Frolic explained our craziness by putting everything in perspective: We’re a bunch of people that chose the slowest mode of transportation available and then try to get it to go as fast as possible.

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, whether you’re at a party or at home watching Dick Clark’s ball drop, we’ll all raise a glass of champagne together and drink a toast to the dear friends we have made and the adventures we have taken, along with our fondest wishes to all for a peaceful, happy and healthy 2003.

Happy New Year.