Officer's Log: Supplemental
Lt. Commander Jory Stark reporting
Damsels in distress. That was the dire message relayed to Lt. Mitch over his communicator by his wife. The fact that it was our own Lt. Laura and Ensign Patty who were in trouble only made the situation more urgent.

It turned out that Laura, with her customary zeal, had gotten not one, but two flat tires. With anyone else, that would have been unbelievable. It is a testament to our Canadian friends though, that Mitch and I never doubted the veracity of the report.

(Captain's note: It appears that the two flats were not caused by accident but instead were slashed. There are many theories as to who would perform such an act of sabotage against our resident Canadian, however the list of jilted ex's, their respective girlfriends, or wives, or those sending a message about staying in New York is far too many to warrant any further investigation.)

Upon returning to City Island, we agreed that Laura would leave her shuttlecraft at the space station where it was parked, and she and Patty would come with us. That was the easy part.

The hard part was rearranging everything in the back of Mitch's shuttlecraft after Patty stated that Ensign Scott of the USS Hub Bub needed a ride to Park Slope. While this proved to be untrue, it would be unfair to lay the blame for this solely on Patty's shoulders. Instead, let the Log reflect it as just one more example of Americans and Canadians failing to communicate. (See Captain's Log on Stardate 10237.8.)

The confusion over as to who actually needed a ride being cleared up, we finally got going, and the remainder of the trip passed uneventfully. At least while I was aboard . . .