Captain’s Log: Stardate 10305.8
As most of the crew prepares for the first annual Enterprise pool party tomorrow at Richard’s apartment building, I’m happy to announce that our very own Lt. Kurt is once again gainfully employed. He’ll be working at a medical imaging company beginning tomorrow, so if your next MRI or CAT scan shows a little picture of Yoda by your medulla oblongata, you’ll know where it came from.

This weekend is Deb and Jeff’s wedding in New Jersey, the Garden State (although where this garden is remains a mystery.) Jeff, we’ve all known Deb for many years. We know her likes, dislikes, and have all experienced her personality. Run, man, run. It’s not too late. Save yourself. Run like the wind. Don’t look back. My God man, run!

It also looks like Lt. Laura is on her way to the planet Canada. It’s not official as of yet, but I’d bet on it. Five million single men in New York and she finds one in the middle of nowhere. Oh well. If only “J.G.” wasn’t so… um… “J.”