Captain’s Log: Stardate 10315.1
Today, I met with Ensign Hilde, our new crewperson on board the Enterprise. Hilde comes to us from a very busy home where she’s dying for some away-time from the hubby and four kids – and we all know how big a part of our mission is time away from spouses, significant others and kids. (I think Dave said it best when he said “Karen who?”)

Hilde is originally from Belgium and has a pretty good command of the English language. Amazingly enough, Hilde has never heard of the name “Starship Enterprise,” the Star Trek series, or any one of its later incarnations. So, all the references to us moving at Warp 6, raising shields or going to red alert will go right over her head. During our 15-minute meeting, I tried my best to describe the boat, our great crew, some of our friends, and the philosophy surrounding a failed 1960’s television show that spawned 10 movies, 4 syndicated spin-off’s and multi-millions of loyal fans that stayed true no matter how much each episode of “Voyager” sucked.

Hilde has completed a sailing school course, has some experience sailing Sonar’s and is eager to learn more. She doesn’t know much about spinnaker handling, so she’ll fit right in.

I did include how much we are all friends, how highly we regard safety on board (give or take a cracked rib) and how much fun we have. I told her not to expect too much yelling on board, except between me and my father. Or between Dave and my father. Or between Jory and my father. Or between Mitch and… Well, you get the idea.

Hilde, welcome aboard the Enterprise.