Captain’s Log: Stardate 10318.6
Despite there still being over a foot of snow outside, it is March, and dammit, I’m getting into sailing mode whether Mother Nature likes it or not. So, in that spirit, I now present my list of racing dates for the 2003 sailing season, give or take a few changes.

May 7 – Skipper/Crew EBYRA meeting and party at MBYC.
May 14 – Race 1 of the Wednesday Night Race Series (18 weeks.)
June 7 & 8 – City Island Cup
July 19, 20, 26 & 27 – Larchmont Race Week
July 31 – Around Long Island Regatta (maybe.)
August 9 – Women Skippers Race (Patty? Lefty? Hilde?)
August 16 – Stratford Shoal Race (overnight)
September 6 – Captain’s Island Race
September 10 – Last night of Wednesday Night Race Series
September 14 – Non-Spinnaker Championship
October 4 & 5 – Fall Series (no broaching, please)
October 11 – Leukemia Cup

The new sail is in production and should be in-hand soon. We’re going to continue with Micron bottom paint, but will be upgrading to the Ultra version as it’s better and on sale right now. We’ll be installing a secondary genoa halyard and replacing all halyard lines with Sta-Set.

Our work party will be in April, on a yet-to-be-determined date, but I plan on the Enterprise launching the last week of April or the first week of May.

Meanwhile, as to the crew activity;

Congratulations go out to Lefty who not only scored a new job but included Wednesday nights as part of her interview process. Still, Commander Dave maintains he could have negotiated more for her, so please keep him in mind before discussing things like vacation time, raises, bonuses, etc. with your bosses.

Also, at last report, Hilde was able to secure a French version of Star Trek to familiarize herself with our terminology and, for lack of a better term, obsession. Scary part is we haven’t heard from her since. Either she’s disgusted and moving as far away from us as possible, or she’s gotten so hooked that she’s now at home, glued to the television, watching a total of 26 seasons of episodes and 10 feature films. Prenez-nous à la pleine vitesse de chaîne maintenant, Monsieur Spock! (I hope that’s right.)