Captain’s Log: Stardate 10328.5
With the sailing season approaching faster than Warp 10, I gathered together all of the equipment I bought over the winter and asked the crew for their assistance in our annual work party to prepare the Enterprise.

On Saturday, despite the cold morning downpours of rain, Lt. Mitch, Lt. Commander Jory, Ensign Patty and Commander Richard beamed over to the club for a full day of cleaning, sanding, halyard-running and shuttlecraft repair. The shocker of the day was the sudden reappearance of Ensign “Don’t Buy Me A Red Shirt Just Yet” Brad. Before you can ask “Brad who?”, you may remember Ensign Brad from sailing with us about as often as Jean-Luc Picard gets a haircut. He once was a regular. It was long ago. In the Before-time.

Brad claims that he has renewed his commitment to the Enterprise and his duties as a Star Fleet officer. In fact, he’s already wondering about the Around Long Island -- which makes sense, because he wasn’t there last year.

During lunch, also known as the “party” portion of “work party,” we talked about new crew positions, where Lt. Mitch will be taking on new responsibilities as spinnaker sheet trim and secondary tactician (or, for those many times when Marcy will keep Richard off the water, primary tactician.) Brad will work with Jory and Dave in genoa control, and Patty will graduate to handling the guy. Hilde, Kurt and Lefty will help with main control as well as the spinnaker hoists and sets.

Once the bottom was sanded, Richard returned on Sunday along with Lt. Kurt for painting the hull. The good news is: after a few more little touches here and there, the refitted Starship Enterprise will be ready to be launched back into active duty, complete with new warp drive; a new Pentex/Dacron headsail made by North Sails.

Racing starts in a few weeks. This year, we’ll go more boldly than ever.