Captain’s Log: Stardate 10333.4
It’s hard to believe, but the days are getting longer, the snow has melted and (I believe) the Enterprise has been launched for another adventurous season of boldly sailing the final frontier.

A special commendation goes out to Lt. Commander Jory for helping Richard out last weekend with some final work on the hull and changing the oil while I was on the west coast on business.

Meanwhile, Commander Dave’s newest cadet is about to make a debut, but, during it all, he was able to secure a new Ensign for the ship that, according to him, has enough upper body strength that it’s making me rethink the necessity for winches. It looks like Dave and Jory may be getting some rest. Welcome aboard Ensign John.

Ensign Patty was also scouting for new crew, but I’m not sure if “he’s a friend of Becky’s and he’s really cute” cuts the mustard for the flagship of the Federation.

Finally, Lt. Laura has temporarily returned to our sector from the planet Canada to drink New York beer, sell off her shuttlecraft, and systematically infect the crew of the USS Frolic with enough SARS to put the CDC on high alert. Welcome back, Laura.

The crew party is scheduled for this Wednesday. Shortly after that, we’ll have a shakedown cruise before officially beginning our racing season.