Captain’s Log: Stardate 10337.0
Last night, several crew members of the Enterprise joined me in orbit for the final rigging and tuning of the ship. Even though the first race of the series was being run less than a mile away, and despite how much each of would have preferred to have participated, I must say it was a great feeling being back together with everyone on the water.

Missing from this first night was Ensign Hilde, who had to make an emergency trip to Belgium (doesn’t it suck when you run out of waffles?); Lt. Kurt, whose wife can’t decide whether or not she wants to be in labor; Commander Richard, who maintains we’ll see more of him this year (perhaps, as Dave put it, a photograph in the cabin); Big Ensign John, who thought there was a little too much chill in the air; and Ensign Brad, whose failure to show had everyone amazed and in a state of disbelief – Not.

Mitch and Jory did an amazing job tightening the rig while Dave reconnected the lifelines, did some wiring and helped with the new genoa sheets. Patty helped me with the main and Lefty did everything she could to keep her uterus from falling out (it’s a long story and there’s only so many megabytes of storage in this log.)

I also want to make it a point to note in the log a double congratulations for Commander Dave. Not only is Dave the proud papa of a new cadet, but he has mastered his management skills and was back on the ship in less than a week.

Back in the club, we had dinner, heard about USS Frolic’s numerous malfunctions during the race and some of the crew explored Patty’s nipple-toy fantasy (I missed most of it, but I couldn’t make it up if I tried.) It looks like it’ll be another season of friends, laughter and great sailing.

We’re back.