Captain’s Log: Stardate 10338.9
With almost a full crew on board (we’ll go into that in a bit,) the Enterprise was ready for its first race of the season. Unfortunately, the wind never went above 3 knots, which made the evening almost as disappointing as the sequel to The Matrix.

Lt. Mitch was just happy not to be on board the USS Eagle, wind or no wind.

I’m still impressed with the management skills of Dave and Kurt, who were both on board and ready to go boldly despite having two newborns. Kurt, however, did note that his bride was still in the hospital, so no management was needed. He also added next week may be a problem. Dave: show Kurt how it’s done. And while you’re at it, give Ensign Butler and Richard a lesson or two.

That’s right, Richard was a no-show. His claim was some sort of real estate inspection in New Jersey, but we believe he was home biting his fingernails to see if all his votes for Clay were effective against Ruben – and they apparently weren’t.

I’d go into Brad, but I think it’s more of an event when he shows rather than when he doesn’t.

On board, Ensign Lefty was very happy that there is someone else in the world (Ensign Hilde) that pronounces “catamaran” like she does - cahhtahhmahhrahhn, and Lt. Commander Jory celebrated the start of another season with a bigger, and bolder, black and white cookie.

A special commendation goes out to Ensign Patty for her dedication to her Starfleet duty. It seems that the safety of everything from her boyfriend’s fish to a visiting friend from out of town are all secondary to getting to the ship on time. The end result: she made it on time, the fish is dead, and even though we don’t know what happened to the friend she left stranded in the East Village, we think she’s been sold to into white slavery and at present is chained up in a cargo container on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.