Captain’s Log: Stardate 10341.1
Commander Dave Beaver reporting as Temporary Commanding Officer
Tonight’s race was a series of Firsts. First night of the season out racing, first night for the new Warp Drive, first Night racing for Ensign Hildie (welcome), and unfortunately first night racing without a windex. It appears that the Enterprise’s state-of-the-art refit (complete with low-mass masthead) was a complete failure. Without any wind direction reference, Richard’s hand at the helm was reminiscent of Ernie, or Lt. Heald. The crew was constantly looking back to see if we had been Bivonaed, but sadly it was always Richard still back there just confused without any wind reference point. (Captain’s note: Yacht racing, as well as Richard, have both been around much longer than the invention of the Windex.)

Our Captain, Edd, and Lt. Kurt didn’t show. Kurt performed all necessary spousal management maneuvers, with the wife and new baby, but in the end was scared off by the weather. Kurt, we race in just about anything. The weather cleared, and it was a beautiful night. We missed you on the main. While Kurt was watching his new baby, our captain, on the other hand, thought he was having one. Edd, there is a big difference in 10 centimeters and a 5 millimeter stone. Do the metric conversions, and get out here. 5 millimeters is not that big. Tough it out! (Captain’s note: It was smaller than 5, but damn!)

Short on crew, we sent Ensign Patty on a mission to borrow Frolic crew in the club bar. This was an exceedingly dangerous mission as the Frolic crew had already commenced drinking (go figure.) Patty showed great negotiating skills persuading Frolic Crewman Tune to come race, by dragging him down the dock by a short sensitive appendage. The funny thing was he looked as if it was a common occurrence, to be dragged around in that manner.

With winds out of the Southeast, we had an F-in course. That’s mark F and back. We were at the line early, and had a not-so-great start, but we were finally racing in the 2003 season. Enterprise was pointing lower than the entire fleet. As we watched the entire fleet pull away, we realized something was wrong. Richard did get a handle on sailing with the new mast, sans windex, and got us back into the race.

After one really bad tack, we rounded the mark in third, just behind Neverland Express. The spinnaker set was without incident, and we passed Neverland just after a flawless spinnaker jibe. Thank you Martin, it was one of the few times I didn’t almost get my head taken off by the pole. Lefty was quiet throughout the evening, but never as much so as when she was hiding behind the main as we passed Neverland. I don’t think the Romulan spotted you Lefty but you can never tell. Better safe than sorry.

We finished second just behind Tolo, and promptly corrected into last place. On corrected time, the entire division finished within two minutes, so it looks like it will be a competitive season.

Richard sailed Enterprise to the mooring and it was pleasant not hearing the diesel impulse drive. Jory caught the mooring flawlessly, but unfortunately it was the wrong one. It appears Richard has been away so long he doesn’t even remember where home is.

Once on the right mooring, we sat down to hard salami and cheese thanks to former Ensign Sushi. We were debating new names for Mitch, but decided Lieutenant Hard Salami just was too long, and Seaman Salami was just wrong in too many ways. As for events in the club afterward, I will have to defer to other crew, as I went home early to practice spousal management techniques.